Pano-monium Volume I

Right before we began our trip, I downloaded the Photosynth app on my phone, which enables you to take 360° panoramas. Though it comes with its quirks and doesn't always deliver perfect pictures (you'll notice a few of them have body parts or pieces of landscape missing/discolored), I've been using it continuously over the last year and thought it'd be cool to share them with you. I've included all the ones that came out somewhat decently from Peru all the way to Australia. You'll have to wait for Volume II for Asia!

The quality suffers a bit from the fact that my phone is now 4 years old but I still like seeing the bigger picture of these monuments, national parks, cities, beaches, mountains, etc. and I hope you will too. Note that none of these have been edited in any way & each heading links out to our blog post for that specific place. Make sure to click on the pictures to see larger versions of them. Enjoy!

Machu Picchu as seen from Wayna Picchu - Peru

The view of Queenstown from Ben Lomond -  New Zealand