Welcome! We're Anais and Tyler. We hope you enjoy this little travel blog of ours and that you have fun discovering the world along with us! 


A few fun facts: 

Tyler grew up in New York and Dallas. Anais was born and raised in Paris, France, but moved to California (where her mom is from) to attend college in Los Angeles
       -Our blog name, East or Ouest*, is a nod to our heritage

• We met in the middle of the Pacific Ocean while traveling on a cruise to Mexico
• Coincidentally, we both were: 
       -USC students at the time
       -Inducted in the same academic honor society a week later
       -Graduating that May
• Since then, we've moved in together and taken a few trips to Monterey, San Diego, Las Vegas (does that one count?), Dallas and Paris while working full-time jobs
• We're traveling because we want to see the world for ourselves


*Ouest means West in French and it's pronounced the same!