Photo Essay: Machu Picchu

Instead of trying to describe how incredible it is to visit Machu Picchu with words, we decided to make this post a photo essay. We hope you enjoy our favorite pictures from this amazing place.

Where it all begins... up the Inca steps to Machu Picchu. We climbed these at 5 am in the rain (picture taken on the way down)

First view of Machu Picchu once you arrive to the site

Arriving at 6 am ensures a few shots with as little tourists as possible

How the Incas split rocks (drilled holes, placed pieces of wood then poured water over it)

Houses of Factories

Houses of Factories

Temple of the Three Windows

Agricultural Terraces

Rock formation which mirrors the actual landscape with Wayna Picchu (also seen in the background) and the river that runs alongside of it

View of Machu Picchu from Wayna Picchu. We were 2 of the lucky 400 that get to climb up and see this view everyday. The road in the picture below is the one buses use to get up to Machu Picchu. That means that the steps up cut right across in a straight line resulting in some sore legs...

Back to Machu Picchu looking out at the central plaza

Although we were bummed it wasn't a clear day, we got to see Machu Picchu completely covered in fog, giving us a good understanding as to why the site went undiscovered for so long!

Drainage system