The Start of Something New

We've all thought about it. So why haven't more of us actually done it?

Okay, traveling around the world might not be something we've all thought about (or is it?!), but I'm sure you have something you spend your time daydreaming about when you should be finishing those spreadsheets. Am I right? Our story is the same: we graduated college, found jobs and worked hard until we realized: is this really all there is? Welcome to East or Ouest: a blog documenting the story of a couple giving up their everyday comforts to follow their dreams. We'll record everything from the craziness that is planning a year-long trip to the experience itself.

Oh! As for the name? Here's a snippet of what I hope will give you a good idea of its origin and the kind of people we are.

Tyler: Hey babe, I have a great idea for a blog name. East or Ouest?
Anais: I don’t get it.
Tyler: Well, I’m American, you’re French-American, and we have no idea what the hell we’re doing.
Anais: I love it!